Climate Neutral

What is our role as a company in the fight against climate change?

Climate Neutral is a rigorous, independent certification program that verifies that a company has achieved a net zero carbon emissions level for its entire business.

Fjord Lifestyle is the first French brand to join this initiative.

Fjord Lifestyle Climate Neutral net zero

Climate Neutral, a non-profit organization, provides the Climate Neutral Certified label to companies that meet its rigorous standards.

The organization's mission is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by recruiting companies to measure, reduce and publicly offset their carbon emissions.

Climate Neutral provides the Climate Neutral Certified label to communicate to customers and stakeholders that a brand is committed to a set of immediate and long-term actions to reverse climate change.

 Given the urgency of the climate problem, it is essential that companies take responsibility for the carbon pollution generated by the manufacture and delivery of their products and services ", said Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. "We are delighted to see Fjord Lifestyle joining the growing set of companies that are taking this path. Our brands will lead their industry peers into a new era of social responsibility." 

For Fjord Lifestyle, the decision to join this movement was quite clear, there is an opportunity in every choice we make to consider nature and find simple ways to protect it, climate neutrality is one of the simple choices we can make to have a significant positive impact on the world.

To learn more about Climate Neutral and the process of measuring, reducing and offsetting a company's overall carbon footprint, you can visit their website