You now have a new alternative: RePack
RePack is the simple answer to the growing problem of the massive use of single-use packaging in e-commerce. Thanks to RePack we are able to reduce the production of waste in a simple way and you can also benefit from discounts on your next purchases.

How does RePack work?

# 1 Choose RePack as packaging option when paying

The cost of your reusable RePack packaging (3 €) will be added to your basket automatically after selection.

# 2 Send us the Repack envelope upon receipt of your package

Nothing could be simpler: the label is already on the packaging. You just need to follow the folding instructions and post it.

# 3 Help the environment and get discounts

After the return of your RePack you will be rewarded with a voucher. If you choose to use your voucher on Fjord Lifestyle, your reduction will be € 10.

To learn more about RePack, it's here .